How to Make Moving to a New Home Easy

Moving is stressful both mentally and physically

Some people move every year or so for jobs or simply because there is a joy experienced in living someplace new or different often. There are others who like the idea of staying in one spot and only move to a new location when absolutely necessary. It is always a stress filled process. Though it is handled in a variety of ways.

Both types of these kinds of people are apt to experience an increase in the body’s stress hormones with the change. Each person and circumstance is unique which makes a few easier than others. Though, there are several things anyone is capable of doing which makes everything overall less nerve wracking in the end.

Downsizing or up sizing

Families make a difference in how an individual lives. In fact, for most of us define diversity in person living arrangements throughout life. There is the experience of being the dependent child living under the rules and regulations of parents and eventually one day becoming a parent as well. Living in the college dorm is not the same as living with grandma several summers during adolescence.

There is a change in the guard every once in a while within a household. This is when a downsizing or up sizing takes place. Even moving sideways is something different going on with where a person lives.

Reasons for relocating

Moving up in area

A growing family needs more space. The additional square footage is needed for everyone to move around more comfortably. The new baby or the budding teenager both need personal areas which where not as necessary before these child development changes.

Parents typically search for a bigger place when they see change on the horizon. Planning ahead makes for a smoother transition. This means, not waiting until eight months into the pregnancy before house hunting for a place big enough to accomodate the new nursery. Look as early as new mom feels able to walk into and out of some of the prospect homes.

Decreasing living space

As we grow older and our kids move away there are individuals requiring a smaller living area with less lawn care and other chores. Whatever the reason for moving to a new place to call home there are some things to keep in mind regardless of the circumstances and people involved. Generally once a couple reduces the square footage of living space, it is highly unlikely this will increase ever again. Though, there are some exceptions to this particular rule.

Moved up, then down and now back up again

One unique aspect which is becoming more widespread is the downsized couple who must now increase personal living space. Most folks historically downsized as a rule with age.Things have changed.

These are characteristically those who find there is an adult parent who is too ill to live alone or unable to live on the pension or savings accumulated. Some parents find themselves widows or widowers and miss the company of others. Grown children will come home after college due to financial difficulties instead of moving on to a personal space. There are even some entire families who discover financially the inability to maintain a separate home and move in with relatives until things are more stable.

A little info about changing zip codes

There are more than a few reasons why folks need to create a change in zip code. Some are getting away from bad feelings while others are moving toward happier ones. School and work are two of the major answers to the question why a zip code is changing. These are reasons most often seen with young adults. The change in these numbers is not always permanent. This is especially true with school.

Though students have classes at a University out of state or away from home, the likelihood of working in a familiar area after graduation is great. Work is more of a long term outlook and rarely results in a reversal of zip codes.

Moving is physically as well as mentally hectic to say the least. Even the strongest constitution admit there are times when a stern count from one to ten is needed in order to avoid hurt feelings. The inconvenience, mess and hard work involved with the entire process makes it seem a daunting task. Don’t worry. Try a few or all of these steps to ease the pain. There are more than a few thing to lighten the burden while changing addresses.

Early preparation

Getting from the old place to the new one is something basically impossible to accomplish in a matter of hours unless both are fully furnished ones. Even then there happen to be certain things to do before picking up even a single box. Get ready by handling little things before the bigger ones come along. Smaller tasks are easier to accomplish and will typically be found on this type of list.

Prepare early. As soon as the locale of the new place is known, start to prepare things. This means take the time to gather boxes and begin the actual process of packing. There is so much more to the process than simply taking a picture off a wall and placing it in a box or wrapping glassware in newspaper. Putting together a schedule is one of the best ways to set goals, put a strategy in place and achieve them with the least amount of fuss.

Be strategic

Take a glance at the calendar and set aside days to accomplish specific tasks. Weekends work best for countless folks, but this is not always doable for some. Saturday and Sundays are wonderful because this is when interruptions are fewer and there is more flexibility with schedules and appointments.

Set up deadlines and make lists. As goals are successful, cross them off the list. This is a wonderful way to not only make great progress and stay on task, but for many it measures there is something being accomplished. Countless times this is a messy job and it fools the packer into thinking nothing is being accomplished because of the look of disarray. This is a error that keeping a list helps. Seeing through what is considered clutter makes it bearable to have things out of sorts for a while when the end is in sight according to the blueprint in place.

Moving companies

Individual circumstance generally dictate if a professional moving company is needed. The overall cost of the endeavor, how far personal possessions must travel and of course how comfortable a person feels with strangers handling their stuff all factor into such an equation.

If using a moving company, call them to set everything up. If renting one of the popular do it yourself moving trucks, such as a Uhaul, reserve it as soon as a date is set. Even a tentative reservation is better than none.

Contact the utility companies for water and power and transfer the accounts to the new location. Current users generally have no difficulty doing the job via a couple of phone calls. Tell them when to cut it off at one locale and ask to turn it on at the new spot. Newbies generally need to go down to the office to handle paperwork.

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Start gathering boxes and packing tape ahead of time. It is possible for some to sit empty for months. Pack at your leisure if you get going early enough. Speedy moving is not a necessity. Do the job at your leisure by doing the first part of the job early on.

Don’t make them too big to carry

Stay away from crafting heavy or any really big boxes because they must be moved. The bigger the boxes, the more things are placed in them. Try to have each box as light as possible or at least average. Big or heavy enough for you to carry alone. This means more than one or two for an entire house, but not necessarily hundreds the size of shoe boxes.

Save your back as well as the movers. Even if a private company is doing the work of promptly getting them from one place to another, don’t forget the possibility of moving these around inside of a new home when you unpack.


Write what is inside of each box. Name the contents, if it’s fragile and what room it goes to. Add as much or as little detail to the label as you need. Typically switching locales means living out of boxes for a small amount of time.

Items not used often

Include the year as part of the label. This permits any stored in the basement or attic to have a date for the last time they were packed with what type of contents. Finding boxes from the last move not touched in 3 or 4 years, means consider getting rid of the items inside before the next move. Some are keepsakes, not removed for years because they are these items. Others are used for personal celebrations or holidays and see the light of day once or twice a year. No matter which category, branding is vital to organization.

Mark room locations

Tagging boxes with the name of the room where they belong makes it easier at the new place to put things away. This means after being placed in the new home in the correct room, it is not necessary to move them around the house. You will be using every ounce of energy you have for a move and anything you can do to save energy is great.


Begin a checklist of things needed to be completed for the final move. Write down everything you can think of. This does not necessarily mean everything is useful or will be used. Though this avoids missing out on anything important.

Before, during and after

Include items to be done before, during and even after getting the new address. Keeping a checklist is a great way to ensure you have completed what needs to be done to make the everything flow as smooth as possible.

Check the status

Checklists are a wonderful way to verify the status of where everything is. Find out what has been done and what is left to do. Keeps all duties on task. This lets you track everything with ease whenever the need arises.

Include a list of inventory items with your checklist especially if making a move overseas. This ensures all of your possessions make it from the old place and to the new one when traveling thousands of miles.

Don’t forget a dolly if needed. This may be extremely useful for appliances and those heavy boxes. Add one to the list, just in case.


Pack a small amount every day. If you have a lot of time, pack a lot. Packing a little at a time will save energy and avoid rushing to make certain things are packed correctly and to your satisfaction.

Get rid of the junk

While you pack clean out all of the junk. If it’s broke, missing pieces or no longer needed, toss it. If you haven’t got it fixed by now you probably won’t. If you have a new one, why are we keeping it. Get ready to have a lot of garbage at the curb while you box up your old house.

Wonderful cleaning tool

This is a wonderful way to really clean house. In addition, many homeowners take this time to have a yard sale or garage sale and make a couple of dollars on things out of the garage or basement no longer needed.

Eat and sleep well

It is possible to lower the massive amount of physical and mental stress during this time. Always attempt to eat and sleep well. It is tough to let your mind shut down and not overdo it with the body, but try hard. Getting rest and eating right is important when you aren’t taxing the body and mind. Overdoing it certainly sets a person up for not enjoying the new place because your not felling well. Some people go as far as needing rest due to illness. Making an individual unable to enjoy a great thing as soon as possible.

Unpacking is part of the package

Remember after organizing, packing and moving to a new place you need to do the same thing backwards. Take a deep breath before starting the process and relax for a moment. There are those who never unpack, this is certainly not a habit to develop. Living out of boxes means not enjoying personal possessions and other things you own.

Stay as organized as when packing

Moving to a new home is exciting, but it certainly is a lot of hard work. Staying organized with the process, preparing and getting an early start with everything certainly makes it easier both mentally and physically. Unpacking is work, except on a different schedule. You don’t have a specific day everything needs to be completed and try to remember this when getting settled in your new home.

In conclusion

Your day to day life will continue and every ounce of energy saved is used for moving success. You still have the groceries and soccer practice so remember to be good to yourself during this stressful time. The reward is magnificent and in the end everyone is characteristically glad they made the decision to make the big move no matter what reason.

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