Best Options For Moving Long Distance

What Works For You?
So you got a new job on the other side of the country. You are thinking about new schools, learning the new area, finding the closest Starbucks. But before all that comes the dreaded move. Even local moving can be very tedious, but moving across the country can be downright brutal. There will be many things you need to decide about your move and here we will talk about your options when making a long distance move.
DIY Or Hire Professional Long Distance Movers
The 1st decision you will have to make is, are you going to rent a truck/trailer or will you hire a long distance moving company. Both options have their perks either in price or convenience. In most cases the DIY option will cost you much less, but not always. When hiring movers there are many things to think about which we will tackle later in the piece.
Finding The Best Long Distance Mover For Your Move
Now this process can be a little trickier as these people will be responsible for the transportation of your belongings and also the handling of them. You will want to check their BBB rating and also their reviews across the web as well. I would never recommend going on Craigslist for a long distance move as there tends to be more scammers on there. My 1st stop would be a site like Find Good Movers where you can see all best movers, watch videos and also get free moving quotes from pre-screened movers in your area. There are other sites like this too, but this one is best by far. Otherwise you can use sites like Yelp, Google, Bing or Superpages. This can work but you will end up having to call each mover one at a time for moving quotes.
Get Free Moving Quotes From Long Distance Movers
Compare The Best Long Distance Movers
You can fill out one form on this site and get long distance moving quotes from all of the top movers instantly. There are other sites that do a similar task but this site also includes a directory of movers for each city and videos from local move.
Moving Yourself VS Hiring Long Distance Movers
Which Moving Truck Company To Use?
When picking a moving truck company you have 3 main options with Penske, U-Haul and Budget truck rentals. Their prices tend to be competitive with each other, but we suggest getting a quote from each one before choosing. They all make it simple to get quoted online so it is pretty painless. Let’s take a sneak peek at each moving truck company at a glance.
U-Haul is probably the most familiar moving truck company to all of us. They currently have an A+ with the BBB which means if there are complaints they tend to handle them and not ignore them. They are franchised so it is hard to give them a quality rating across the board (the other 2 companies are the same as well). My experiences personally with them have been pretty good.
Penske is another huge moving truck company. They also have an A+ with the BBB meaning again that they handle most complaints promptly. My personal experience has been great with this company and their trucks seem to be newer every time I use them
Budget – Truck Rental
Budget truck although popular, is still a little less known then the other 2 top truck rental companies. They also have an A+ on the BBB for Budget Truck Rental. I will say Budget truck rental also has a great reputation for being a cheap long distance moving alternative.
So Which Is For You? DIY or Hire A Mover?
Well if you like the idea of just packing it up and being done with it. And you are also willing to pay the extra moving costs for convenience you will want to hire long distance movers. If you have no problem packing, also packing up the truck and unloading then renting a truck may be for you. My advice is to explore both options and come to an educated decision 1st . No matter what you choose to do , I wish you good luck and happy moving.

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